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Quito City Explorer by Gray Line, is a different way to explore Quito in 7 different authentic tours, where travelers can live local and deep experiences of our city, interacting with its people, its customs, its gastronomy and its traditions, while visiting the most important tourist attractions in the city. From the main hotels in Quito or from our meeting point: Galería Ecuador in "La Mariscal" neighborhood, our excursions are available every day with 100% guaranteed departures that go beyond a traditional tour around the city. We invite you to review our experiences as more than 10,000 visitors do each year. ¡WELCOME TO Quito City Explorer!!!




Incredible tours aboard the authentic Trolley of Quito City Explorer

Beautiful monuments

of our city

Art and Culture with hundreds of years of history

Live unique and authentic experiences

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Paúl Rivet S/N y José Orton

Quito - Ecuador

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